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Incoming Calls Shouldn’t Interrupt Video Recording on Smartphones

Smartphones should not interrupt users’ video recording sessions when calls come in, especially if users choose to ignore those calls, whether through inaction or via tapping “ignore” on a notification. Yet, this is what happens with the phones running the current leading mobile Oses, iOS (5, 6.1) and Android (including 4.1 JellyBean). In contrast, webOS v2.2.3 and Windows Phone 7.5 only stop recording when users choose to take the incoming call. The quick UX lesson is easy—that the latter behavior is how it should be; do not interrupt users’ activity unless absolutely necessary. The larger UX lessons include: prioritize users’ activities over system ones when possible and offer both more flexible multi-tasking and more thoughtful use of unobtrusive notifications to accommodate that prioritization. Continue reading

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User Experience of Ecosystems

Ecosystems: Past, Present, and… The rise of Apple’s iPod inspired the use of the word “ecosystem” in the computer industry–at the time, primarily referring to the pairing of software and hardware that was iTunes and the iPod, respectively. The use … Continue reading

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