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Amazon MP3s Now Buyable Via iOS: Grants +2 to Its “Your Music, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device” Aura

Amazon strengthens the acquisition part of its “your music, any time, anywhere, any device” strategy by granting the ability to buy directly from their iOS device. Combined with their AutoRip-enabled CD purchases and multi-ecosystem Cloud Player, buying music through them may be the fastest way to buy music and have it available…everywhere–even with iTunes and iTunes Cloud–freeing users from the constraints of their gadget vendors’ ecosystems. Continue reading

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Nuance’s Wintermute Could Be a “PDI-Level Property/Service”

…Project Wintermute [is] a platform agnostic voice recognition service that lives in the cloud…. intelligently saving search queries and context across platforms. via Nuance hopes to make cross-platform voice recognition a reality with Project Wintermute | The Verge. As a … Continue reading

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