Ideal Job

As an interaction designer with a background in Cognitive Science, the framework of Distributed Cognition, usability, and even HTML/CSS coding, and an interest in contributing to a future in which our everyday digital activities are seamlessly and delightfully supported across a range of connected devices, I hope to expand my work from my history of web and software applications to work involving those connected devices, whether mobile apps or platforms, cloud services, content providers, or other device hardware makers.

If you are looking for an interaction designer, and the job description that you have in mind looks like the one below, I’d like to to talk to you to explore whether I can add value to your team. Please feel free to email me (

Company Product Space

  • We provide mobile-enabled consumer products or services intended to enhance and integrate into consumers’ everyday lives.
  • We are committed to mobile as a growth area as we expand from our web, software, or hardware base.

The Opportunity

  • Join a cross-disciplinary team focused on defining and designing the next versions and generations of our products’ overall user experience, which may span across cloud services, devices, software, web, and people.

About the Ideal Candidate

  • You are passionate and excited about the growing ubiquity of mobile and cloud technologies to build and enhance ecosystems that fit and enhance people’s lives, making new and current everyday digital activities delightfully simple–anywhere.
  • Your love of gadgets goes beyond any particular platform or form factor. You can speak to the advantages and disadvantages of multiple mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, Blackberry, and webOS. You can also envision the distribution and advantages of a user experience that may span many screens and/or OSes, potentially including, smartphones, tablet, webs, laptops, desktop, TV, and more.
  • Your experience and history runs the gamut from Cognitive and HCI theory to designing and prototyping to coding.

Job Responsibilities

  • You will identify and track trends in the mobile, cloud, web, and computing spaces, digesting them in collaboration with product managers into product and feature roadmaps for next-generation products that will delightfully solve user problems that they didn’t know that they had and create opportunities that they didn’t know they wanted.
  • You will be a key player in the strategic design process of products, responsible for the UX design throughout the product development lifecycle, envisioning how the products will evolve to anticipate and meet user needs, collaborating with stakeholders, product managers, UX team members, and your counterparts on other product teams to create a shared vision of any product convergence or interaction.
  • You will collaborate with stakeholders  to establish UX tasks, tools, deliverables, and milestones as appropriate for each stage of the product development lifecycle, including the development of scenarios, use cases, interaction models, navigational structures, user flows, prototypes, wireframes, screen designs, sitemaps, and software requirements.
  • You will synthesize user and domain research, requirements, business needs, and other constraints into designs that fit and improve ecosystems of users’ activities, tasks, and tools
  • You will communicate designs to teams and stakeholders, collaborating and iterating in accordance with user research, feedback, or scope and implementation challenges
  • You are an excellent performer in many roles–as an individual contributor, as a team member, and as a team leader.
  • You will have responsibilities for multiple products or projects, but you will be focusing your creativity on one to a few at a time.

Skill Requirements

  • Master’s degree in HCI or equivalent experience with UCD methods  including task analysis and user scenarios
  • Background includes knowledge of broader HCI perspectives for understanding user experience distributed across devices and groups of users.
  • 7+ years of interaction design experience with web applications and sites
  • Solid  skills in whatever prototyping tools you use, whether that is pencil and paper, Balsamiq, Dreamweaver, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, or Photoshop
  • Understand and conversant with how and when to work with usability, visual design, prototypers, and developers.
  • Experience with one or more mobile platforms and their style guides
  • A presentable portfolio at interview stage
  • Excellent leadership, communication, problem-solving, facilitation, presentation, and engagement management skills


  • Our company and culture "gets" and supports the importance of UX. We have a UX team, design and development processes, managers, management structures, reporting structures that facilitate the time and space necessary for good design rather than hinder it.
    • The best candidate companies will have stories of projects that succeeded, projects that failed, and lessons learned from those successes and failures.
  • We have UX resources (people, standing processes, and the freedom to try new alternatives) available for conducting user experience research and design as necessary and appropriate for project needs.
  • Our environment supports UX creativity, with features such as:
    • Big white boards for each designer, in their office/cubicle
    • Shared space available for persistent UX projects