About Edwin

Edwin Li. Interaction Designer. Gadget fan. Connected Device Fantasist. Distributed Cognition fan. Science Fiction and Fantasy fan. West Coast Swing Dancer, Competitor, and Instructor. Principal member of Sneakers’ staff (his cat).

Edwin is always looking for a great opportunity to add value to a company that knows that the user experience of its products and/or services is a foundation for their future success.

With BS and MS degrees in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego, 14 years experience as an interaction designer and a usability engineer in web and software products, a long-time love of technology and gadgets, and a framework that embraces the distribution of user experience across multiple contexts, devices, people (i.e., Distributed Cognition—see Hutchins’ Cognition in the Wild, he is most excited about the growing ubiquity of mobile and cloud technologies and the potential to build and enhance ecosystems that allow users to effortlessly interact with their devices, data, content, and each other, making new and everyday digital activities delightfully simple—anywhere.

His primary experience is in web and software applications, and he is seeking to expand his work into the world of connected devices.

Whether you represent a consumer-focused company with established mobile products or services or you’re a company looking to expand into mobile or anywhere anytime usage from your web, software, or hardware base, if your company is committed to anytime anywhere as a growth area, Edwin may be a good fit for your team.

If you’re interested in more about Edwin, please check out his resume. Do you think your company can use someone with Edwin’s passions and skills? Check out his current sketch of his ideal job description to see if your company’s or team’s needs match up.

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